Lechon "Roasted Pig" Festival - Balayan Batangas

         This one day out of town trip started in a open invite event posted in our travel group couchsurfing.org website to join the celebration of the Lechon Festival and the feast of Saint John the baptist last June 24, 2012 in Balayan Batangas . We rented three(3) private van for us to use for the whole day trip. Everyone needs to pay P500 for the fare.

       There are two designated meeting places for us to meet. One in McDonald's Quezon Avenue and the other one is in Shell Buendia corner EDSA. Meeting time is 5am but we depart around 6 in the morning. After almost two hours ride we arrive in Balayan Batangas. Everyone are preparing their water guns, pale of water and pour it to anyone who passes by their houses. We celebrate the feast of saint John the baptist here in the Philippines by pouring water to people.

         I brought my dry bag where I can put my electronic devices and other belonging to keep it dry even though cloths and body is wet.

my fellow CouchSurfers

       We joined the town people walking and carrying the "Lechon" or roasted pig. First I thought they let anyone eat the roasted pig and its like there is a place where they put all the roasted pig together and everyone will eat the roasted pig for free but I am wrong. After the parade they take it to their own houses whoever owns the roasted pig.

Parade of roasted pig 2012, Balayan Batangas
     While on the parade our group pass by a foam(bubble) party and only few people from the town are dancing. Everybody in our group love's to party we joined and stayed at the foam party and did not continue to walk and finish the parade. haha
My fellow CouchSurfer's in the foam PaARrrTYYY!!!
The Foam Party!

       A town councilor approaches our group and asked if where we came from and who invited us to celebrate the town festival. We told him that no one invited us and were from Manila. He invited our group to come to his house to eat lunch. When we arrive to the councilors house everyone in his house are surprise by this 50+ group of people. We notice that they're  already cleaning the dishes but still they gave us food like "Dinuguan and Rice" some of their leftover food.

           One of our friend arrive and told us that there is a free lunch for public at the Mayor's house and instantly everyone get off and went to the Mayor's house. The same surprised reaction we saw to the people's face when we arrive at the Mayor's house.

The Mayor's house of Balayan Batangas
     There's still a lots of food at the mayor's place.(haha) They also serve us a whole roasted pig and other delicacies they cook for the public.

Our group!

         After the parade, the foam party and gate crashing at the mayor's house.We did a little side trip at  Basilica de San Martin de Tours in Taal Batangas. It is considered to be the largest church in the Philippines and in Asia, standing 96 metres (315 ft) long and 45 metres (148 ft) wide.

Behind me is the Basilica de San Martin de Tours
inside the church
     We also climb going to the rooftop of the church. There's a view deck where you can see the whole town of Taal Batangas. The security guard on the entrance going to the rooftop is asking for P50/each if you want to enter. I don't know if its legit or not because its a church so I'm thinking it should be free. 

      Some visitor paid the entrance fee but me and my other friend did not. We follow the church priest touring 3 Korean girls and explaining the history of the church to them and they enter to the pathway that leads to the church rooftop and the security guard did not ask for entrance fee. I'm thinking that there's NO entrance fee going there.

Basilica de San Martin de Tours view deck
Taal Batangas Town in Basilica de San Martin de Tours view deck
     We head back to Manila around 5pm. This one day trip to Balayan and Taal Batangas was very fun. Especially the gate crashing to the Councilor and Mayor's house to eat lunch that was the most fun part!

Estimated Personal Expenses:

Van Ride (Manila - Batangas v.v)              P 500
Other expenses water, extra food            P 200
Total                                                                P 700

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